City Library


Weaving at The City Library

Toi Whatu Manawa - 1-4pm

Carving on display and carving, tradition and contemporary

Tattooing cultural/traditional

A collective group of artists based in Papaioea with the dream of helping artists connect with each other through Toi Maori.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Manawatu - 1.30pm

Kapa Haka - 20minutes

Nuwyne Te Awe Awe Mohi and whanau - 2.00pm-3.30pm

Poi Making

Te Kokonga Pouri Whatu Raranga Rôpu, Papaeoia - 1-4pm

Ko matou he whatu raranga kakahu Huruhuru.

We are weavers of Kakahu Huruhuru  (Feathered Cloaks); using traditional techniques with contemporary materials.

Using carpet wool as whenu and cotton thread for the aho and tâniko work. We use feather’s from dusters, native birds and purchased to create our atâhua mahi (beautiful work).

Our group was founded by the late Whaea Yvonne Marshall & Whaea Grace; whom have left very strong values for us to follow. Established  (circa) 2002. You can find us at the Highbury Shopping Centre next to Tui Park, Highbury Ave, Papaeoia (Palmerston North) and our facebook page: Te-Kokonga-Pouri-Whatu-Raranga-Roopu-Papaeoia

As part of the Festival of Cultures on the 23 March in The Library, we will have a beautiful display in the Sound & Vision Event area of the City Library, 1 – 4 p.m. The display will consist of five atâhua kakahu huruhuru, feathered cloaks hand made by members of our group. Also on display will be many of our other craft items; i.e. feathered bags (kete), wall hangings, tâniko belts, flax work and other cloaks made from other martials.

We welcome all to view, touch and maybe even have a go at weaving… just ask!

Nau mai haere mai

Nga Mihi Arohanui, Te Kokonga Pouri Whatu Raranga Rôpu