World Food, Craft and Music Fair 2014


This is one of the longest-standing community events in Palmerston North. This year it is promising to be as exciting and vibrant as ever. It is our city’s chance to celebrate art, culture, lifestyle and explore their connections to each other and New Zealand. The event is fully accessible to all of the community and offers a variety of mainly free entertainment, covering areas such as food, music, arts and craft, cultural talks and performances and a cultural cuisine show.

THE WORLD, FOOD, CRAFT & MUSIC FAIR is on Saturday 22 March, 10am-4pm in The Square in the centre of Palmerston North City. Here you can enjoy all day local and national music and entertainment and cultural foods, crafts and culture. Local cultural groups from our City and a few from outside will showcase and perform dancing from their country of origin. Countries include, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Russia, Middle East, India, Yugoslavia, Scotland, Korea,Ireland and Japan and our visiting Dalmatian group from Auckland.

Our headline band this year is the nationally acclaimed musical group Batucada Sound Machine - When musicians are curious about the sonic vocabularies of other cultures, yet have enough trust in their own instincts, then you will get the kind of ecstatic explosion of styles found in Batucada Sound Machine.  Formed in the South Pacific, with a line-up that has included Maori, Brazilian, Zimbabwean and New Zealand Pakeha players, this band brings together traditions from different parts of the planet to create something unselfconscious and new; something that defies you to stay still or silent.

Batucada is an Afro-Latin word that loosely means ‘percussion jam’, which is what this band started out as: five drummers meeting monthly in an Auckland backstreet bar for a freestyling polyrhythmic workout, taking Brazilian beats as their starting point. Over time, other musicians began to join in the sessions, bringing with them guitars, horns, voices. It’s a brew of Brazilian, Colombian, Cuban and African beats, fused with funk, reggae, hip-hop, Polynesian soul and who-knows-what-else; as kinetic and unconfined as any dance music you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Also this year for the third time in The Square and as part of the Festival we will again be hosting Ray McVinnie (Judge for Masterchef NZ and writer for Cuisine Magazine), and Nici Wickes from World Kitchen. They will be joining with a few local cultural groups showcasing  who for the first time are showcasing their own cuisine.

Markets of the Country Road will also be a feature of this year’s festival for the second year running. For more information go to